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Meet a Leader


How long have you been involved in Scouts? 
30 years – OMG, that makes me sound really old! In a variety of roles.

Were you a Youth Member?
Yes, I joined as a 14 year old Venturer ‘cos I saw my older brother having heaps of fun.

What prompted you to train as a Joey Scout Leader?
My daughter wanted to become a Joey Scout and our local Group didn’t have a Leader at the time. I realised I’d been fortunate to have Leaders support me in my youth, so saw this as my turn to help others.

How long did it take?
About 12 months – but that included a few weekends of training and some time just doing a variety of Scouting activities which supported the training. It was good fun and I learnt a lot and made some great friends.

What do you think are the key benefits of being a Leader?
I get to do kids stuff again – play games, make craft, explore nature, sing songs, dress up, almost anything! And the opportunity to guide the development of children is very rewarding. 

What’s the best thing about being a Leader? 
I take delight in seeing Youth Members develop skills, gain confidence, learn a degree of independence and have heaps of fun.

What sort of things do you do with your Joeys?
We like a broad range of activities – from bike riding, short hikes in Morialta National Park, visits to the Fire Station or Road Safety Centre, indoor rock climbing, playing active games, creating our own medieval shields then having a mock battle in the park, sleepovers for the Anzac Dawn service, weekend camps, craft and cooking activities.

Recount one of your favourite Joey experiences
On a visit to the Adelaide Fire Station, we had fantastic fire officers to guide the Joeys on a tour. They had the Joeys chanting “A Joey Scout cares and a Joey Scout shares” frequently throughout the visit. The Joeys were able to try on uniforms, spray water from a fire hose (which was recycled) and crawl around in their confined spaces training facility. Everyone had good fun and my night was made when a new Joey recruit came up to me and exclaimed “this is AWESOME” – he stayed with Joeys for a year and has now moved onto Cubs. It was great to make a terrific impression on him.
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